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I've been bouncing pieces of the app off /r/diablo for about a week now as I created the components for the site, but I think it's finally ready for some actual testing in a larger scale. I haven't spent an incredible amount of time on the app, I really just wanted something I could plug numbers in to determine if something on the AH is an actual upgrade and what exactly it would do to my statistics.

So without further ado, I present to you: D3Up.com, an app designed to help you fine tune your character, find upgrades and share information.

So, what exactly can the site do right now? Here's a brief overview, I'll go into more depth after the list.

  • Anyone can create "Items" for sharing, selling, whatever they'd like.
  • Anyone can view any "Item" created by anyone.
  • Anyone can view any "Hero" created by anyone.
  • Users that create "Items" can go back and edit them with the edit button found below while viewing the item.
  • Users can create "Heroes", which serve as representation of your character or a character you'd like to build.
  • Users can equip "Items" they've created onto their "Heroes", which will update the stats of the character (fairly) accurately.
  • Users can use the "Gear Compare" tool, which allows them to compare an item they have equipped to another item they've created (of the same slot). It will generate a detailed DIFF of the stats you'd gain or lose.

Read on for more :)

What I've done is broken the site into two distinct sections:


Last year one of my major site projects was building an item database, so I've taken some of the technology and brought it over to this site. I wanted to create a place where people could create non-image representations of their items and share them however they saw fit. I've also implemented Tooltips and Item Coloring for different rarities, and plan on adding a search sometime in the near future.

The tool for creating items I hope is as streamlined as possible, I was able to create all of my gear (game on monitor #1, web app on monitor #2) within about 5-10 minutes.

Here's a few screenshots of these features: Tooltips, Item Colors, Item Creator


This is the main reason I developed the application, I've hit the point in Diablo 3 where each upgrade I am looking at is 2-10m gold, if not more. Before I spend the money and buy these items, I really wanted an application that I could plug the numbers in to see EXACTLY what it would do to all of my statistics (Overall DPS, Resists, etc).

What I did was created a section for users to create Heroes, digital representations of their characters, that you can equip with items and see the changes to your statistics in real time. Only the owner of each hero is allowed to actually change the gear, but the hero itself without the editing capability is viewable by anyone.

Here's a few screenshots of my character screen: My Hero, Changing Gear

And Here's my characters profile: http://d3up.com/h/2

The next step I took was I added a "Compare Gear" button for the owner of a character. If you're logged in, and looking at your character, you'll notice a tab that lets you compare a piece of gear you're currently wearing with another item you've created (of the same type). It will give you a detailed breakdown of the gains/losses equiping this item will cause, here's an example screenshot.

What's Next?

I'm not done, but I'm only working on the app a bit in my free time. I do have quite a few extra features that are coming down the line, here's a small list.

  • Adding your Skills/Passives Skills to your character, with calculated damage values based on your gear.
  • Improving the accuracy of the DPS calculation.
  • Allowing you to compare your items to anyone elses items.
  • Allowing comparisons between entire characters.
  • Adding more statistics, such as Effective Health, a Level Range for Monsters (everythings based on level 60 monsters, like your character sheet).

I'm also open to suggestions! I personally think the Gear Comparison tool is the most awesome feature, I'm actually using it right now to start looking for upgrades on the AH ;)


I'm either Jesta or Aaron Cox, depends on who you ask. I put stuff here that I'm thinking, working on or have an opinion about. PS - The site isn't done.