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Anchor is a security and privacy focused open-source digital wallet for all EOSIO-based networks.



Anchor uses modern approaches to ensure the security of your accounts. The use of strong
1Anchor, both Desktop and Mobile, by default will only use API servers operated by Greymass. No 3rd party tracking exists within our products.
, trusted execution
2Anchor, both Desktop and Mobile, by default will only use API servers operated by Greymass. No 3rd party tracking exists within our products.
, and integrations with hardware wallets helps keep your private keys as safe as possible.


A core principle considered in the design of Anchor is the need for privacy when using it. The default servers the app connects with collect no identifiable information and can be customized to use the services of your choosing.


Anchor and all of its open-source components are integrated in many of the most-used dApps on EOSIO networks. Any external applications can leverage EOSIO using our new signing protocol to securely make requests to users.

Simple to Use. Full of Features.

Access the best of EOSIO blockchains, as well as cutting-edge infrastructure tools unique to Anchor.

All of EOSIO

Anchor is designed to work with smart contracts on any EOSIO-based blockchain. Any application built by any developer can leverage Anchor as a secure way for users and applications to communicate with one another.

Easy Sign-In

Signing into an EOSIO-based application is as simple as clicking a link or scanning a QR Code. The signing protocol Anchor uses will provably verify your identity and sign you in securely.

Cross Platform

Anchor and its associated technologies are being developed to work across all desktop and mobile platforms. Stable releases are available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and soon Android.

Secure Enclave

Sensitive information with Anchor, such as your private keys, are stored using the device’s own secure coprocessor. Within iOS devices the Secure Enclave chip is used and in Android the TrustZone chip.

Free Transactions

Every account loaded in Anchor can perform a limited number of free transactions by utilizing Fuel (a Greymass project). This service offers all accounts 5ms worth of free CPU on select EOSIO networks.

Account Creation

Coming soon: New EOSIO users who do not yet have an account will be able to easily and securely create and then backup their new account. Key generation can be done from within the secure coprocessor and a user friendly backup sheet will be provided.

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