An EOSIO Wallet and Authenticator

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Last updated: 2020/10/23 (1.1.8)

While we work to build out more information on this website for Anchor, here are some useful resources.
For users...
Migration Guide - How to migrate from eos-voter to Anchor
Discussion Forum for Anchor Wallet - Support, feedback, and discussion
For Developers...
Greymass Forums - Discussion forum for Anchor Wallet integration and development
Desktop Wallet Source (Github) - The source code for the Anchor desktop wallet
EOSIO Signing Request (ESR) Protocol - Standardized protocol for wallet communication
Anchor Link - Persistent, fast and secure sessions for applications to use Anchor.
Anchor for UAL - Universal Authentication Library (UAL) plugin for Anchor Link integration.
Anchor for Transit - EOS Transit provider for Anchor Link integration.

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