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At Greymass, we are constantly researching, prototyping, and building new projects. Below is a complete list of the initiatives we have spearheaded.

EOSIO Wallet
Anchor is a full featured, open source wallet, that Greymass has been developing since the genesis of the EOS blockchain. Formerly known as "eos-voter" or "Greymass Wallet".
Anchor Link
Developer Tool
Library to abstract the identity and session components for EOSIO Signing Requests (ESR/EEP-7).
Buoy (golang)
API Server
A server built to handle callbacks for the EOSIO Signing Request (ESR/EEP-7).
Buoy (nodejs)
API Server
A server built to handle callbacks for the EOSIO Signing Request (ESR/EEP-7).
Coffee with Greymass
A chance to sit down with the Greymass team and guests to talk about the recent events happening within the EOSIO space and DLT technologies in general.
Smart Contract
A smart contract used to keep track of various other token smart contracts.
EOSIO API Extension
API Service
A prototype nodejs service layer that allows additional API methods to be mixed into the native EOSIO APIs.
API Service
A server to act as an entry point into a unified EOSIO API environment.
EOSIO Price Feed
BP Tool
A price feed updater for the DelphiOracle smart contract with pluggable price providers.
EOSIO Signing Request
Network Protocol
A library to create and interpret EOSIO Signing Requests (ESR, as defined in EEP-7) within applications.
A user interface that allows for the creation of EOSIO URIs for use within links or QR codes.
Developer Tools
Developer tool that generates TypeScript type definitions from EOSIO ABI files
BP Tool
Block Producer monitoring and automated failover solution.
A website to view, trigger, and share the contents of an EOSIO Signing Request (ESR/EEP-7).
ESR Protocol
Protocol Standard
The EOSIO Signing Request (ESR) protocol is a standard which applications and wallets can use to communicate on desktop, mobile, or cross-device.
Fuel offers an alternative resource management system for EOSIO and offers a turn-key solution for application developers to cover the resource costs of their users.
Light History Server
API Server
A modified version of the EOSIO software designed to retain limited amounts of account history using the standard APIs.
Smart Contract
A smart contract that allows Block Producers to register information about their organization on-chain.
A nodejs service that automatically refreshes all producer votes for every account it can sign for.
Smart Contract
A zero fee smart contract that allows account creation using a simple token transfer.
Developer Tool
A common library for EOSIO developers using the Swift programming language.
Developer Tool
A plugin for the EOSIO Universal Authenticator Library to enable Anchor support.

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