Greymass - Crowdfunding campaign details

In our introduction post, we announced the first phase of our business experiment, currently underway and scheduled to continue through the end of November. This phase encompasses a few different activities; 1) development of open source web software, 2) a crowdfunding campaign to support that development, and 3) exploration of our business plan concept.

Now that we’ve announced Reprint, our open source framework for creating blockchain-based websites and blogs, we wanted to share some advance details on our crowdfunding campaign. We’ll be sharing more information on our fundraising target and tactics in week 3.

Reprint - Build your blog or website on the blockchain

Greymass is proud to announce Reprint - an open source framework for creating blockchain-based websites and blogs.

Reprint allows for a new era in blog syndication, allowing anyone to create a website of their own design, populated with content living on the Steem blockchain. This powerful new tool empowers website creators to make their own decisions about what blockchain-based content is most relevant to their visitors (regardless of who wrote it), and tailor how it's presented as they see fit.

Introducing Greymass - An organization picking up Steem

The Greymass team is proud to announce its full-time commitment, beginning today, to building web solutions powered by blockchain technology. Utilizing their extensive platform and web development experience, Greymass hopes to become a major contributor to the growth and adoption of the Steem blockchain.

The team has carved out a two-month window, through the end of November, to devote to the first phase of their newest business experiment.