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A new business model for the decentralized internet.

We are TeamGreymass! Our world-class block production infrastructure ensures that your data is always secure, and available when you need it. Block rewards not only power our infrastructure, but also fuel the development of decentralized applications, services, and frameworks. These projects enrich blockchain ecosystems and deepen the engagement of creators and regular users alike.

We appreciate your consideration when selecting block producers to support with your vote.


The values that guide our efforts make the blockchain more compelling to new users, businesses and outside investors. Vote for Greymass to secure your cryptocurrency investment.


Our infrastructure is built around our enterprise-grade T3 data center in Michigan, augmented by backup data centers in Vancouver and Kentucky. In addition to maximizing uptime, we’re pursuing global node coverage for further resilience to regional outages, as well as localized attacks.


We enhance the blockchain experience for all users with cryptocurrency wallets, block explorers, and governance tools and we empower creators with software frameworks, content creation tools, and abuse prevention services. The value these projects create drives the network effect.


We believe in democratization of blockchain policy and that fair governance improves market capitalization. We empower token-holders to directly participate in blockchain governance and represent their interests when they can’t. We open source our software and welcome security audits.


In addition to years of combined block production experience with Steem, Golos, Decent, Peerplays, Muse, Karma, and now EOS, our team members have led a number of projects exploring the protection, utility, and social implications of the blockchain.

EOS Projects

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Block Producer Voting & Light Wallet (Desktop Application)

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Middleware layer to extend the EOSIO API.

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Fork of the EOSIO software with tweaks for performance and scalability.

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Smart contract that sets up a new account automatically.

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Smart Contract for storing information about Block Producers on-chain.

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Smart Contract to create an index of tokens that exist on an EOSIO chain.

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STEEM Projects


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Abuse Prevention (Service)

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Fraud Detection AI (Service)

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Fraud Prevention AI (Service)

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Light Wallet (Desktop Application)

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Block Explorer (Web Application)

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Transaction Streaming (Framework)

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Message Board Platform (Web Application)

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Website Creation Engine (Framework)

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Curation Management (Web Application)

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The Team

Aaron profile

Aaron Cox

Full Stack & Blockchain Developer

Aaron is a veteran web developer with over 20 years experience, specializing in publishing platforms, social/community engines, and data mining. Aaron has released all his efforts open-source, merged his past experiences with new Blockchain protocols, and has previously worked developing a crowd-sourced review platform and as the lead web developer for a number of tech companies, such as NCSOFT.

Aaron is incredibly fascinated by the impact Blockchain technologies will have on the Internet itself. Since devoting himself full-time to exploring this tech he has built a number of apps including wallets like Vessel, a number of block explorers, and prototypes for end users platforms such as chainBB and Reprint. Aaron is currently a top elected delegate as @jesta on the Steem, Decent, Muse, and Karma blockchains.

Scott profile

Scott Sallinen

Research Scientist

Scott is a Computer Engineering Ph.D. Candidate at the University of British Columbia, with research areas of High Performance Computing and Distributed Systems, Graph Processing, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technologies. Scott has published multiple peer-reviewed papers within these domains in top-tier research conferences such as Supercomputing, and has previously worked in the research divisions of top technology companies such as Intel and Facebook.

Scott has a passion for the application of Blockchain technologies in the real world. He has built and led the Steemcleaners and Cheetah projects on the Steem blockchain for several years, in an effort to address and reduce fraud and phishing on the social media platform. Scott also represents a top elected delegate as @anyx on the Steem blockchain.

Daniel profile pic

Daniel Fugere

Web App Developer

Daniel is an entrepreneur and software engineer who develops applications that aim to improve the lives of others. At age 19, he started his first web company, through which he developed a health service application for residents of Quebec. He has since continued creating different web applications that have the ultimate goal of making individuals more aware of the issues around them, as well as build positive relationships with people in their communities.

Over the last couple of years, he has worked as a web engineer and has done back-end as well as front-end programming for projects at big companies such as Pixar, Autodesk and Riot Games.A blockchain enthusiast and avid learner of everything crypto, Daniel has been involved with Greymass since its first steps, helping develop and engineer the nitty-gritty workings of the eos-voter app (recently rebranded to Anchor).

Johan profile pic

Johan Nordberg

Software Engineer

Johan is a prolific developer with a broad range of experience and a passion for open-source — he has released a multitude of open-source projects, many of which are widely used. He founded his first company at age 23 after releasing one of the first iPhone apps in the AppStore. Besides iOS development, his specialties are security research, systems design and web development.

Johan is a strong advocate for the Open Web and believes that blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally change the world for the better. At Greymass he will be focusing on building our upcoming dApps-platform.

Myles profile pic

Myles Snider

Business Development Partner

Myles Snider is the newest addition to the team, recently joining Greymass as a partner. Myles has been involved in the EOS ecosystem since long before mainnet launch. He previously lead research at Multicoin Capital, where he published a number of EOS-focused investment reports. He also created The Stablecoin Index, a tool to track and compare various stablecoin projects.Later, he founded a mainnet block producer called Aurora EOS before eventually joining Greymass.

Myles has written extensively about EOS economics and governance, and he’ll continue to do so in his new role here. He’ll also focus on interfacing with the community and helping bring more awareness to Greymass’s core product offerings. Myles also hosts an EOS-focused podcast called EOS Voter and writes a bi-weekly newsletter about the EOSIO ecosystem.

Nick profile pic

Nicholas Hamer

Visual Designer

Nicholas Hamer is a Sr Designer at Blizzard. With a diverse background in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Ringling College of Art and Design, he has a strong sense of composition with the ability to be versatile and think creatively. Having worked on music videos, web sites, video games advertising campaigns, feature films, and television shows, he has gained extensive experience successfully working with applied design, UX, compositing, and motion graphics through the use of programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, Maya, Nuke, and Cinema 4d; A combination of skills that assist him in his ‘out of the box’ thinking and helps to provide a fresh creative perspective to any of his project.


Below is our conservative roadmap for 2018, focused exclusively on supporting our newest chain, EOS. This is the minimum commitment we’re making to the community and if all goes well, we plan to add much more to it.

  • Completed

    Q2 2018

    Infrastructure Block Production
    Redundant/secure block production servers with failover and monitoring.

    Infrastructure Public
    Publicly available API and P2P servers regionally distributed.

    "Desktop App" (Unnamed)
    Initial usage for voting for block producers

  • Completed

    Q3 2018

    Infrastructure Block Production
    Open-sourcing of our tools and additional redundancy through supplemental global deployments.

    "Desktop App" (Unnamed)
    Advanced wallet features, such as deeper governance interactions and smart contract integrations.
    Basic block explorer + APIs.

  • Q4 2018

    Infrastructure Public
    Publicly available API and P2P servers globally.

    "Desktop App" (Unnamed)
    Complete integration of general GUI for cli (cleos) commands.
    "Smart Explorer" allowing various views into different smart contracts.

  • Q4 2019

    Supercomputing 2019
    Inclusion of EOS as a prime dataset for graph processing in conference (target of poster or paper).